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About us - No More Breast Cancer campaign


The No More Breast Cancer campaign developed from the report, Breast cancer: an environmental disease, published in 2005 by the UK Working Group on the Primary Prevention of Breast Cancer.

Those working on the No More Breast Cancer campaign have campaigned for many years to raise awareness and action on the links between the environment and breast cancer. The successful campaign to ban the chemical Lindane was a case study that illustrated the argument that breast cancer is linked to cancer-causing agents present in our environment.

Today our campaign is supported by a growing number of organisations including Scottish Breast Cancer Campaign, Women’s Environmental Network and Unison as well as increasing support for our work across a number of European Union networks focussing on health and environment issues.

A recent advertisement also brought together a number of organisations supporting the No More Breast Cancer campaign’s demand that government, industry and mainstream cancer charities take seriously the link between harmful chemicals and breast cancer.

Diana Ward
Principal Author/Researcher Founder Trustee BCUK and No More Breast Cancer Campaign
Deborah Burton
Founder Trustee, BCUK &
No More Breast Cancer campaign
Gwynne Wallis
Founder Trustee BCUK &
No More Breast Cancer campaign
Jill Day
Founder Member No More
Breast Cancer campaign & UNISON liaison
Clare Dimmer
Chair, Breast Cancer UK BCUK) & Founder member No More Breast Cancer campaign
Helen Lynn
Founder Trustee, BCUK & No More Breast Cancer campaign

We gratefully acknowledge the practical and professional help given to the development and completion of this work by the following people and organisations:

Editorial Meeting hosts
Sheena Brookman
Dianne Dowling
Morag Parnell
Dept. of Nursing and Midwifery, Stirling University Pesticide Action Network UK
The London Haven
Technical Support
Chris Bergen
Kevin Dimmer
Marjie Laredo
Tony Mathias
Vanessa Ward-Mathias
Ivan Weedon
Test Readers
Judy Adams
Moira Adams
Astra Blaug
Henry Brookman
Sandy Lawrence
Maureen Morton
Jo Taylor
Gwynne Wallis
Janet Williams
Reference searches
Judy Adams
Dr. Jim Brophy
Rory O'Neill
Outreach Services Team, Baron's Court Public Library

Our particular thanks to Professor Andrew Watterson and Dr. Ann Johnson for their critical comment and advice. And to Angela Burton, Jennie Brice, David Cross & Rabina Stratton for their invaluable assistance with the paper version!

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