Tackling an
environmental disease

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Primary prevention is the answer

No More Breast Cancer - our campaign message


The No More Breast Cancer campaign argues that many cases of breast cancer are linked to cancer-causing agents in the environment and in our bodies.

No More Breast Cancer argues that lifelong, low-level exposure to the cocktail of toxins and hormone disruptors both at home and at work is linked to the ever-rising rates of breast cancer.

Facts about breast cancer

Latest government figures indicate that the incidence of breast cancer in the UK has risen 80 per cent in the past 30 years.
Fewer than 50 per cent of cases can be attributed to the 'officially recognised' risk factors understood to increase a woman's susceptibility to breast cancer - e.g. late onset of menopause, body weight, diet or late-age pregnancy.

What of the other 50 per cent- A substantial number of animal, human, laboratory and field studies carried out over the past seven decades provide significant evidence that man-made environmental agents play a part in human diseases such as breast cancer. We believe it's time for the government, industry and the cancer establishment as a whole to address the environmental risk factors for this disease.

About the No More Breast Cancer campaign

While there are, rightly, considerable resources dedicated to screening and treatment, there is very little attention or funding given to the 'environmental' part of the breast-cancer jigsaw puzzle.

The No More Breast Cancer campaign calls for:

We have a fully referenced version of this page available with details of all sources used.

Download the full or summary version of our report, Breast cancer: an environmental disease (around 1mb each), on which this website is based, or see our brief summary of shocking statistics on breast cancer.


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