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environmental disease

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No More Breast Cancer Campaign leaflet

No More Breast Cancer Campaign leaflet 2008

Are you being exposed?
A No More Breast Cancer guide to avoiding toxic chemicals in everyday products. For a printed version (10.4cm x 7.5cm) email with your postal address. 

No More Breast Cancer Campaign reports

Both the Summary document and Main document entitled "Breast Cancer: an environmental disease" are available to download in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view them.

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Recommended book list

This book list is far from comprehensive and is intended to be a selection of key texts only.

Salter Green, Elizabeth & Ashton, Karen, The toxic consumer – how to reduce your exposure to everyday toxic chemicals, Impact Publishing Limited 2006 (new forthcoming website)

King, Samantha, Pink ribbons inc.: breast cancer and the politics of philanthropy, University of Minnesota Press 2006

Plant, Jane, Your life in your hands – understanding, preventing and overcoming breast cancer, Virgin Books Limited 2006 (first published 2000)

Woollams, Chris, Oestrogen – the killer in our midst: how to combat the biggest health threat today, Health Issues Limited 2004

Nocolopoulou-Stamati P, Hens L, Howard C V, Van Larebeke N, Cancer as an environmental disease, Kluwer Academic Publishers 2004

Jacobs, Miriam & Dinham, Barbara (Eds), Silent invaders – pesticides, livelihoods and women’s health, Zed Books 2003

Steingraber, Sandra, Having faith – an ecologist’s journey to motherhood, The Perseus Press 2001

Sherman, Janette D, Life’s delicate balance – causes and prevention of breast cancer, Taylor & Francis, 2000

Steingraber, Sandra, Living downstream – an ecologist looks at cancer and the environment, Virago 1998 (first published 1997)

Colborn, Theo, Dumanoski Dianne & Myers, John Peterson , Our stolen future – are we threatening our fertility, intelligence and survival? a scientific detective story, Abacus 1997 (first published 1996)

Carson, Rachel, Silent spring, Penguin 1965 (first published 1962)

Recommended reports

Royal Society for Environmental Pollution, ‘Crop spraying and the health of residents and bystanders’ 2006 (see Recent studies)

Royal Society for Environmental Pollution, ‘Chemicals in products – safeguarding the environment and human health’ 2003 (see Recent studies)

The Royal Society, Endocine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), 2000, (see Policy statements and reports)

Speeches and presentations

No More Breast Cancer Campaign presentation at Association for
Research and Treatments Against Cancer (ARTAC) Conference
, Paris, 9 November 2006


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